How to Celebrate a Birthday, Or, Hats Off to Isaac Wilkins!

Spring of 2015 saw a tremendous group of novice rowers come out for the GA Crew Team. One at a time, they each faced a moment of truth when it came time to find their balance, get out on the water and discover the feeling of rowing.

cupcakeEvery so often, a larger challenge presents itself that tests a new rower. This past weekend, our team’s two boy novice rowers were slated to meet all comers in the Boys Freshman/Novice 2x event. When he learned that his teammate was sick and unable to row, novice Isaac Wilkins had to decide if he wanted to row in the Boys Gig/Novice 1x event or not race at all.

Isaac made the bold choice to race in a gig (slightly wider single) even though he has only rowed in this boat one other time. His was the first race of the day on Sunday — which he approached with a few nerves and a big smile. When the race went off, Isaac darted out in front and continued to build a lead through the entire race. Having the courage to race in an event that he had essentially no preparation for paid off. He finished in first place in his flight. To top it all off, it was Isaac’s 15th birthday.

Congratulations, Isaac! Way to celebrate!

Boys Gig Novice 1