Cooper Cup, April 26, 2015

Cooper Cup waterside

Cooper Cup waterside

The Cooper Cup takes place in New Jersey. See the Directions tab. This year there are 431 entries from 61 different clubs/teams, hosted by the South Jersey Rowing Club. It’s a long, full day of rowing — good luck to all, and thanks to the coaches!

8:24am    Boys Varsity 2x, N. Moeller, A. Straus Heat 2/Lane 4 – FIFTH, 8:54.920 (Top 3–>semi@11:30/11:36am, Top3–>final@2pm)

9:42am    Girls Varsity 1x, J. Zettlemoyer, Heat 2/Lane 1 – FIRST, 9:48.080  (Top 3–>final@12:54pm)

10:00am   Boys Varsity 1x, Z. Burkhart, Heat 3/Lane 1 – FIRST, 8:46.290 (Top 2–> final@1pm)

10:24am   Girls Varsity 2x, H. Mills, B. Owen, Heat 1/Lane 3, SECOND, 9:56.800 (Top 2–> final@1:54pm)

12:18pm   Girls Novice 8+, 8: E. Wescott 7: C. Klebanoff, 6: A. Kolbman, 5: G. Loughlin, 4: J. McKernan, 3: K. Hallahan, 2: E. Lindgren, 1: S. Lindgren, c: R. Kliger, Heat 5/Lane 4 – FIRST, 8:47.690,  no final

12:54pm   FINAL Girls Varsity 1x, J. Zettlemoyer, SECOND, 8:52.080

1:00pm    FINAL Boys Varsity 1x, Z. Burkhart, FIRST, 7:43.250

1:54pm    FINAL Girls Varsity 2x, H. Mills, B. Owen, THIRD, 9:11.120

(2:00pm FINAL Boys Varsity 2x)

3:18pm   Boys Novice 2x, S. Trombetta, I. Wilkins, Heat 1/Lane 1, THIRD, 9:18.770, no final

3:30pm   Girls JV 1x, S. Evans, Heat 1/Lane 3, FIFTH, 10:00.420, no final

3:48pm   Boys JV 1x, F. McElwee, Heat 2/Lane 2, SECOND, 9:11.770, no final

5:36pm   Girls JV 4x A, 4: E. Rapp, 3: K. Aemisegger, 2: G. Feirson, 1: Nina Tang, Heat 1/Lane 6,  SECOND, 8:03.080, no final

5:42pm   Girls JV 4x B, 4: B. Owen, 3: i. lillis, 2: L. Naber, 1: A. Kurtz – Heat 2/Lane 5,  SECOND, 8:39.230, no final

5:54pm   Boys JV 4x, 4: J. Taggart, 3: C. Seggev, 2: O. Altimany, 1: D. Wentz Heat 2/Lane 4, FIFTH, 8:13.660, no final

Full schedule available here.

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