Philadelphia City Championships, May 3, 2015

Germantown Academy Crew Team is gearing up! The City Championships currently have 555 entries from 69 different clubs and registration is still open. Here’s to all our valiant competitors and to our hard-working coaches!

Coach update: Remember that everyone will have a time trial in the morning with the top 6 boats going on to the finals later in the day (except the girls V4x, which goes straight to finals).  Be prepared for a warm and sunny day (sunblock, hats, sunglasses) and be at the trailer 2 hours before your first race.

Click here for the full schedule for the City Championships. (GA events are listed below)

Click here for a special advisory on parking.

8:16am   Boys Freshman/Novice 2x, Isaac Wilkins, Sam Trombetta

AM: Fourth, 6:15.250 ->> FINAL: Fourth, 6:02.970

final_boys Freshman Novice 2x

8:22am   Girls Novice 4+ (A), C. Klebanoff, G. Loughlin, J. McKernan, E. Wescott (R. Kliger)

AM: Second, 6:11.530 ->> FINAL: Second, 6:49.140final_girls novice 4+

Girls Novice 4+ (B), S. Lindgren, E. Lindgren, K. Hallahan, r. porter (J. Baron)

Sixth, 6:43.110 ->> FINAL: Fifth, 7:10.960final_girls novice 4+

9:48am   Girls JV 1x, S. Evans

Direct to FINAL: Fourth, 07:06.60

final_girls jv 1

9:54am   Boys JV 1x , O. Altimany (AM: Eleventh, 7:40.380)

10:02am  Girls JV 2x, A. Kurtz, L. Naber (AM: Tenth, 6:49.140)

10:10am  Boys JV 2x, J. Taggart, F. McElwee (AM: Eighth, 6:04.770)

10:46am  Girls JV 4x, N. Tang, G. Feirson, K. Aemisegger, E. Rapp

AM: First, 5:34.180 ->> FINAL: Third, 05:36.30

FINAL Girls JV 4x_City Championships 2015

11:28am  Boys Ltwt 2x, D. Wentz, C. Seggev (AM: Eighth, 5:46.450)

11:58am  Girls Varsity 1x, J. Zettlemoyer

AM: First, 6:12.190 ->> FINAL: First, 06:19.74

FINAL_Jess Zettlemoyer_Varisty Girls 1x_City Championship_2015

12:04pm  Boys Varsity 1x, Z. Burkhart

AM: First, 5:34.080 ->> FINAL: First, 05:44.52

FINAL_Zach Burkhart_Boys Varsity 1x_City Championship_2015

12:24pm  Boys Varsity 2x, N. Moeller, A. Straus (AM: Eleventh, 5:38.950)

6:18pm   Girls Varsity 4xK. Nunes, H. Mills, i. lillis, B. Owen (Direct to FINAL: Fifth, 05:48.80)

Links to food and volunteering sign up genius are available on the Contact & Volunteer page.

Spread the word! Click for the printable City Championships invitation.

Click here to read “Join us at the River” (including race times for finals) on the GA website!  BYO cowbells — Go GA!

Parents should have recently received an email invitation to the christening of the “Peter McVeigh 1760” on Saturday, May 9th — a boat & bagels! More info here.

P.S. Chances to ride the launch with the coaches and get a unique perspective (and great photo opps) are almost over. For more info and for the link to sign up, click here.