Stotesbury Cup Regatta, May 15-16, 2015

stotes logoIt’s that time of year again — Stotesbury Cup Regatta, the oldest and largest high school regatta in the world!

Go GA Crew Team!

FRIDAY: Head-style time trials for all events will be held on Friday, May 15 (schedule below). Semi-finals will run on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Finals will run on Saturday afternoon.

Time trials start at 8:00am Friday and go to approximately 3:00pm.  After an hour break to set stakeboats, semi-finals run until around 6:00pm Friday.

SATURDAY: Semi-finals continue Saturday morning, starting at 8am.  Finals begin at 1 pm and the last race of the day is at 5:20pm on Saturday.


  • In the boys and girls senior eights and fours, the top eighteen boats from the time trials will advance to three semi-finals, with the top two boats from each semi advancing to the finals

All other events:

  • For events with fewer than 30 entries, the top twelve boats from each will advance to two semi-finals.
  • For events with 30 entries or more, the top eighteen boats from each will advance to three semi-finals.

Click here to visit the Stotesbury Cup Regatta website.  (Last time I checked, there were parking passes for volunteers. Check their Sign Up Genius.)

Click here for the Stotesbury highlights on Germantown Academy’s website.

Times for Time Trials for GA Crew Team @ Stotesbury Cup Regatta 2015

08:00 AM     2a Girls Junior Double Heat (27 entries, Top 12–>semi-finals on Friday@4:38pm/4:44pm, Top 3–>final on Sat@1:09pm)  Stroke: L.Naber, Bow: S.Evans — 21/27 entries, 7:12.16

09:55 AM     6a Girls Junior Four Heat (66 entries, Top 18–>semi-finals on Friday@5:35/5:40/5:45pm, Top 2–>final on Sat@1:45pm)  Stroke: E.Wescott, 3: J.McKernan, 2: G.Loughlin, Bow: C.Klebanoff, Coxswain: R.Kliger — 32/66 entries, 6:44.47

10:45 AM     10a Boys Ltwt Double Heat (20 entries, Top 12–>semi-finals on Friday@6:00/6:05pm, Top 3–>final on Sat@2:21pm) Stroke: D.Wentz, Bow: C.Seggev — 12/20 entries, 6:30.60 –>> to semi-finals

11:35 AM      13a Boys Junior Quad Heat (27 entries, Top 12–>semi-finals on Saturday@8:30am/8:35am, Top 3–>final@2:48pm)  Stroke: J.Taggart, 3: I.Wilkins, 2: S.Trombetta, Bow: F.McElwee — 24/27 entries, 6:21.94

11:46 AM     14a Girls Junior Quad Heat (21 entries, Top 12–>semi-finals on Saturday@8:40am/8:45am, Top 3–>final@2:57pm)   Stroke: E.Rapp, 3: K.Aemisegger, 2: G.Feirson, Bow: N.Tang — 2/21 entries, 6:19.73 –>> to semi-finals

01:18 PM     20a Boys Senior Double Heat (31 entries, Top 12–>semi-finals on Saturday@9:30am/9:35am, Top 3–>final@3:51pm)  Stroke: N.Moeller, Bow: A.Straus — 16/30 entries, 6:24.12

02:00 PM      23a Girls Senior Quad Heat (20 entries, Top 12–>semi-finals Saturday@10am/10:05am, Top 3–>final@4:18pm)  Stroke: B.Owen, 3: i.lillis, 2: H.Mills, Bow: K.Nunes — 11/20 entries, 6:28.55 –>> to semi-finals 

02:19 PM     25a Boys Senior Single Heat (36 entries, Top 18–>semi-finals Saturday@10:20am/10:25am/10:30am, Top 2–>final@4:54pm)  Z. Burkhart — 6/35 entries, 6:22.40  –>> to semi-finals

02:36 PM     26a Girls Senior Single Heat (23 entries, Top 12–>semi-finals Saturday@10:35am/10:40am. Top 3–>final@5:03pm)  J. Zettlemoyer — 4/21 entries, 7:06.25 –>> to semi-finals

DSC_0025⇒Links to GA’s Sign Up Genius lists for food and volunteers (table monitors, tent set up or break down) have been updated on the Contact & Volunteer page.