Libby Peters

University of Pennsylvania women’s rowing recently announced that Libby Peters will be the new assistant women’s rowing coach. (Full article here.) Prior to the announcement, Libby shared a message with Jim Fenerty for the GA Crew Team. Some team members may not be checking email during the summer, so we’ll share a brief portion of her farewell here.

…GA Crew has come a very long way in one year, and the momentum that you have all been a part of creating will continue. You know what it takes to be successful: lots of preparation and dedication, a competitive and supportive group of teammates, and the desire to go out and race fearlessly. This past year was just a peek at where GA Crew is headed. Be excited about that, but don’t settle. You are capable of competing for National Championships every year. . . .  Long after you hang up your oars, make sure the lessons of rowing stay with you: embrace challenges; persevere in the face of difficulties; and find ways to success when others would have quit.

Though Libby served as director of rowing only last season, she will be missed. We wish her the best of luck in her new endeavors at UPenn! Those Quakers are lucky to have her.  As for GA’s team, a search is already underway for a replacement.