Flashback: Floody 2014

The good thing about rain in February is that it’s probably a harbinger of spring and warmer weather.  (Didn’t Puxatawney Phil predict it would come early this year?)

The bad thing about too much rain is that things get floody and muddy. The river flows too fast for the kids to row, and sometimes we need to go clean out the boathouse.

Practice on Friday 2/26 will be at GA. As for practice on Saturday 2/27 — stay tuned. We may need to have a combo practice/clean up at the boathouse. We just sent parents an email from the coaches with more information.

For those of you who weren’t with the team in 2014, here’s a flashback to that rainy year. We’re quite certain 2016 won’t be anything like that! (And we’re doing a no-rain dance to make sure!)