Coverage of Flick #5 2016

The Chestnut Hill Local wrote about the final Flick of the 2016 season. Read all about it here in the article by Tom Utescher, “Area sculling squads finish out flick series.”

In the very first race of the day, Claire Weiss of Germantown Friends had a very successful second outing in the girls’ novice single, going eight seconds faster than the previous weekend to place first in seven minutes, 44.26 seconds.

Although much more experienced in general, Syracuse-bound GA senior Katie Aemisegger was also in a single for only the second time this spring, putting up the best time overall to win the first flight of the varsity event in 6:08.20. Second in the same race was GFS senior Addie McKenzie (6:21.05), while in flight two Bri Owen of the GA Patriots won in 6:30.85.

All of the area sculling programs piled into the JV double event, which was run in a head race format where boats are started at set intervals and then ranked solely on time. Out of a total of 14 entries, the GFS tandem of Sam Pancoe and Laila Okeson placed second in 6:02.76.

Farther down the results list, finishing consecutively in seventh through 10th place, were SCH’s Jessica Penn and Eliza Brody (6:21.58), Sydney Slavitt and Lily Zukin of GFS (6:23.07), Rachel Kliger and Elizabeth Wescott of GA (6:23.43), and Victoria Watson and Hunter Smith of Penn Charter (6:33.73).

The same schools, except for GFS, also entered the varsity double event. Fastest overall out of three flights was Conestoga High School (5:44.68), which won in the first section over Kelsey White and Sally Stanley of Penn Charter (second; 5:52.29) and Amanda Miller and Gabby Sciarrotta of Springside Chestnut Hill (third; 5:59.67). In the third flight, a time of 6:19.57 netted second place for GA’s Genna Feirson and Julia McKernan.

Another pair of Patriots, Nina Tang and Lindsay Naber, finished their lightweight double race in 5:57.34, coming in second in their flight and second of 12 contestants on time.

Penn Charter won the second of the two JV quad races, where Madeline Whitehead (stroke), Julie Webb, Maria Perry, and Emma Grugan were timed in 5:36.90. Close to them, in terms of time, was an SCH quartet [Sofia Djerassi (stroke), Mia Humphreys, Paige Aloise, Grace Tasman] which pulled a 5:37.80 to land fifth in a fast first section. One spot behind the PC boat in the second flight was a GA entry [Emma Rapp (stroke), Grace Loughlin, Katie Hallahan, Mikayla Fassier] which finished in 5:46.45

One of the area sculling squads sent out sweep rowers in an eight; a group of first-year GA oarswomen participated in the novice eight head race. The Patriots [Lily Richards (cox), Laura Brown (stroke), Liv Malen, Margaret Horvat, Chichi Boye, Elizabeth Berlinger, Emily Morrissey, Addy Campbell, Sophie Worrell] did well, placing fourth in a field of 17 with a time of 5:41.03.

Third-place finishes were achieved by a pair of doubles; SCH’s Hudson Smith and Damian Betancourt did it in the faster heat of the lightweight event (5:23.20), and GA’s Nick Moeller and Isaac Wilkins (5:41.60) did it in the first flight in the JV category, which was a little slower than the second race.