In preparation for Manny 5th Flick

Athletes and parents, please see below information shared by Coach Lehane about schedule and line up:

Race        Line up time
1A 8:30:00 AM Boys N1x (Max Fralic) lane 2
6A 9:00 – Boys N4x (Dylan, Charlie, Carmen, Daniel) lane 3
14B 9:15 – Boys Lwt 2x (Pedro and Decker) lane 3
20A 10:10 – Boys V2x (Nick and Derek) lane 2
9A 12:00 – Boys JV1x (Isaac) time trial – bow # 85
36A 1:10 – Girls JV4x (Liz B., Rachel, Sophie, Ava) time trial – bow # 243
27B 2:30 – Girls N4+ (Madison, Lauren, Maylin, Aman, Lily) – lane 2
33A 3:10 – Girls JV1x (Addy) lane 3
34B 3:25 – Girls JV2x (ChiChi and Brynne) lane 3
44A 4;15 – Girls V2x (Lindsay, Liz W.) lane 3
47B 4:50 – Girls V4x (Emma, Grace, Julia, Mikayla) lane 3
4_Manny Flick #2, Feb 2017

Manny Flick #2, Feb 2017

Click here to download schedule posted above.
Maddie and Naomi will sit out this weekend because there are 7 novice girls, so they can’t all race in the four, and Max D. and Andy will not race.
Remember to check for any changes in the schedule. We’ve still got changeable springtime weather, so please dress appropriately!  Novices, don’t forget your new unis!  Athletes must be at the trailer 2 hours before their races!
Some of you are still missing waivers!!  Please get those done!!