2017 PSRA City Championships

2,500+ athletes from 75 clubs

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Day One, Saturday, May 6, 2017

Top six places go on to finals.

12:40pm Race #2a Boys Gig/Novice 1x  C. Shafer

12:50pm Race #3a Girls Freshman/Novice 2x A. Gill, N. Friedman, 8th place 09:33.24

1:06pm Race #5a Girls Novice 4+ L.Paynton, M.Lindsey, M.Kurtz, L.Conner, [M.Seidman], 6th place 07:34.13 ON TO FINALS

2:02pm Race #12a Boys Novice 4x  D.Robertson, M.Fralic, C.Sinker, D.Krausz, 5th place 06:59.72 ON TO FINALS

2:42pm Race #18a Boys JV 1x I. Wilkins, 1st place 06:20.59 ON TO FINALS

3:30pm Race #23a Girls JV 4x
E.Berlinger, J.McKernan, A.Campbell, B.DiDonato 5th place 06:20.24 ON TO FINALS
S.Worrell, C.Boye, L.Richards, A.Hook 10th place 07:06.98

4:08pm Race #28a Boys Ltwt 2x P.Sobral, D.Wentz 8th place 06:22.18

4:46pm Race #39 Girls Varsity 2x E.Rapp, M.Fassler 7th place 06:49.82

4:54pm Race #40 Boys Varsity 2x
D.Walkush, N.Moeller 1st place 05:27.98 ON TO FINALS
A.Huang, M.Donches 16th place 06:42.56

DAY TWO/FINALS: Sunday, May 7

Click here for pdf of Sunday’s FINALS results from Rowtown.org

10:56am Race #5 Girls Novice 4+ FINAL L.Paynton, M.Lindsey, M.Kurtz, L.Conner, [M.Seidman] 6th place 07:07.88

11:52am Race #12 Boys Novice 4x FINAL D.Robertson, M.Fralic, C.Sinker, D.Krausz 4th place 05:48.49

1:32pm Race #18 Boys JV 1x FINAL I. Wilkins 2nd place 05:50.30 SILVER MEDAL

2:12pm Race #23 Girls JV 4x FINAL E.Berlinger, J.McKernan, A.Campbell, B.DiDonato 6th place 06:15.08

4:04pm Race #37 Girls Varsity 1x FINAL L. Naber 5th place 07:40.87

4:28pm Race #40 Boys Varsity 2x FINAL D.Walkush, N.Moeller 2nd place 05:29.61 SILVER MEDAL