News about Upcoming Practices

As Coaches Lehane and O’Hern will not be at practices this weekend, please note the change in schedule:
Thursday – Everyone at the boathouse (if snow prevents getting there, athletes will be informed if they are to stay at school).

Friday – Novice girls will work out at school from 3:15-4:30 (Mr. O’Hern will give them a workout).
Varsity and novice boys will go to the boathouse and practice with Eric or Clement.

Saturday – Novice girls will practice at the boathouse (at 7:00 am) with Clement or Eric.

Varsity and novice boys will have a workout to do on their own (Coach Lehane will give that to them). They will not meet at a specific time because so many of them will have SAT’s, it will be their responsibility to get the workout done at some point that day.