2018 Manny Flick 1 – Race Results

Race 25a: Girls JV 4x Flight 1 @ 11:06am
1st place (E.Berlinger, M.Horvat, M.Lindsey, A.Campbell) 05:44.00
4th place/SCRATCH: (L.Paynton, L.Connor, A.Gill, N.Friedman)

Race 25b: Girls JV 4x Flight 2 @ 11:12am
2nd place  (C.Boye, A.Hook, L.Richards, B.DiDonato) 06:10.92

Race 41a: Girls Varsity 2x Flight @ 01:42pm
2nd place  (E.Wescott, J.McKernan) 06:11.91

Race 22a: Boys JV 2x Flight @ 10:42am
2nd place  (C.Shafer, D.Robertson) 05:38.80

Race 40a: Boys Varsity 1x Flight @ 01:36pm
4th place (A.Moeller, A. Walkush) 05:52.79

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Flick #1 Coverage and Images

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Derek racing the Boys V 1x

Liz and Julia in the Girls V 2x

Dylan and Charlie in the Boys JV 2x

Andreas and Alex in the Boys JV 2x

Addy, Maylin, Margaret, and Elizabeth in the Girls JV 4x

Chichi, Lily, Ava, and Brynne in the Girls JV 4x

Home base: GA’s tent on the River

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