Flick #5: April 22, 2018

90 teams, 3023 athletes. Girls in the morning; boys in the afternoon.

10:10 AM: Race 20b Girls Varsity 2x Flight 2 (E.Wescott, J.McKernan), 1st Place, 05:48.62

11:10 AM: Race 5a Girls Novice 8+ Flight (S.Hill, T.Humphrey, y.peat, J.Robertson, T.Williams, J.Fassler, p.anand, n.roman, [E.Brant]), 16th Place, 06:21.94

11:40 AM: Race 11a Girls JV 4+ Flight (L.Paynton, A.Gill, N.Friedman, L.Connor, [M.Seidman]), 26th Place, 06:24.57

11:50 AM: Race 12a Girls JV 4x Flight
A (E.Berlinger, M.Horvat, M.Lindsey, A.Campbell), 7th Place, 05:34.52
B (C.Boye, A.Hook, L.Richards, B.DiDonato), 11th Place, 05:53.84

2:00 PM: Race 25a Boys Gig/Novice 1x Flight (W.James), 3rd Place, 07:04.93

2:05 PM: Race 26a Boys Freshman/Novice 2x Flight 1 (A.Moeller, A.Walkush), 1st Place, 06:02.21

2:55 PM: Race 34a Boys JV 2x Flight 1  A (C.Shafer, D.Robertson), 1st Place, 05:30.62

3:00 PM: Race 34b Boys JV 2x Flight 2
B D.Krausz, P.Sobral), 4th Place, 05:44.79
C (C.Sinker, M.Donches), 5th Place, 06:09.13

3:45 PM: Race 43a Boys Varsity 1x Flight 1 (I.Wilkins), 2nd Place, 05:55.21

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