Cooper Cup Results

Well done GA Rowing Team! Good Effort and Awesome Results!

Mens lightweight 2x (Carmen Sinker and Daniel Krausz) – 4th in their heat

Womens varsity 2x (Liz Wescott and Julia McKernan) – 1st in their heat and 3rd in the final (bronze medal!)

Mens varsity 4+ (Derek Walkush, Isaac Wilkins, Charlie Shafer, Dylan Robertson, Pedro Sobral) – 5th in their heat

Mens varsity 2x (Max Fralic and Max Donches) – 3rd in their heat

Womens novice 8+ (Ella Brant, Sydney Hill, Tai Humphrey, Faith Davis, Nicoletta Roman, Rachel Roth, Christina Nguyen, Priya Anand, Julia Fassler) – 3rd in their flight

Mens novice 4x (Diego Carrasco, Anthony Kostacos, Jamie Werther, Ian Cummings) – 2nd in their flight

Womens JV 1x (Brynne DiDonato) – 5th in her flight

Womens JV 2x (Lily Richards and Ava Hook) – 5th in their flight

Mens JV 2x (Dylan Roberston and Charlie Shafer) – 1st in their flight (gold medal!)

Mens JV 2x (Andreas Moeller and Alex Walkush) – 2nd in their flight (racing up to JV)

Womens JV 4x (Lauren Paynton, Lily Connor, Aman Gill, Naomi Friedman) – 4th in their flight

Womens JV 4x (Maylin Lindsey, Margaret Horvat, Elizabeth Berlinger, Addy Campbell) – 1st in their flight (gold medal!)