City Championships: Sunday May 6 Results

Congrats GA Rowers for your effort and team work!

Sunday Race Results are:

Boys Freshman 2x (Andreas Moeller and Alex Walkush) – GOLD MEDAL!!

Boys Novice 4x (Diego Carrasco, Anthony Kostacos, Jamie Werther, Ian Cummings) – 4th in final

Boys JV1x (Max Donches) – 4th in final

Boys JV2x (Dylan Roberston and Charlie Shafer) – SILVER MEDAL!!

Girls JV4x (Maylin Lindsey, Margaret Horvat, Elizabeth Berlinger, Addy Campbell) – 5th in final

Boys V1x (Isaac Wilkins) – 5th in final

Girls V2x (Liz Wescott and Julia McKernan) – 4th in final

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