About the Coaches

Lauren Lehane – Director of Rowing and Head Boys Coach


Coach Lauren Lehane with GA Boys Varsity Lightweight Quad (2014)

Lauren began rowing in 1996 as a freshman in high school at the Agnes Irwin School. While at AIS, Lauren won the Philadelphia City Championships twice, earned a bronze medal at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, and won the Scholastic National Championships as a senior.

Lauren then went on to row for four years at Boston College, where she won the New England Championships twice, the Jesuit Invitational twice, earned silver medals at the Big East Championships and the Dad Vail Regatta, and won a gold medal at the Dad Vail Regatta as a junior.

Lauren continues to compete, representing Whitemarsh Boat Club, winning the King’s Head Regatta, Navy Day, Independence Day, Quaker City Masters and the Head of the Schuylkill.

She has been coaching the boys team at Germantown Academy since 2006, and the Whitemarsh Boat Club (WBC) juniors since 2006. Her crews have won or earned medals at King’s Head, Head of the Schuylkill, the Cooper Cup, City Championships, Stotesbury, and Scholastic Nationals. Lauren also gives private lessons and teaches learn-to-row classes at Whitemarsh Boat Club. Her “real job” is teaching second grade in West Chester.

Contact info: lauren.lehane@germantownacademy.org

Dick O’Hern – Associate Director of Rowing

Coach O’Hern started rowing his freshman year of high school at the West Side Rowing Club in Buffalo, New York, on the eastern edge of Lake Erie. His was a club team, and they rowed in eights. Boats were made of wood back then. During his junior year, he rowed 5-seat in a club eight made up of four boys from his high school and five boys from a different school. They competed in and won the U.S. Junior National Championships on the Potomac River in D.C. It sounds like a big deal until you realize that in 1977, no one had to qualify for that regatta, and it was a final-only! Coach O’Hern did not pursue rowing in college.

In his first teaching job, which came in his late 20s, he found out the school where he had been hired (Nichols School, in Buffalo) had a rowing team, and they were in need of some coaching help. The school rowed out of West Side, and in fact one of O’Hern’s novice crews rowed in the same wooden Kaschper 8 that O’Hern himself had rowed in 14 years previously. He eagerly joined the coaching squad and quickly set about increasing his knowledge of the sport. Nichols had both boys and girls rowing, so O’Hern was able to work with both genders.

Following six years at Nichols, O’Hern moved to the Washington, D.C., area in 1994 to teach at the all-girls Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, MD. He taught science and was head crew coach for seven years. He grew the program from 18 girls, one set of oars, one cox box, and no rowing shells or launches, to one with 35 girls, three eights and a four, two launches and two assistant coaches. One highlight of his time coaching at Holton was bringing his team up to Philadelphia for the annual Stotesbury Cup Regatta. His rowers’ best finish was 6th place in the petite final of the girls varsity 4+.

Fast-forward to Germantown Academy. In the spring of 2002, O’Hern’s first year at GA, there were two boys and two girls who rowed for GA. The boys rowed out of Vesper Boat Club and the girls out of Fairmount Rowing Association. The next year Susan Seybolt was hired, the team set up shop with lots of help from Mount St. Joseph’s Crew at the current location in Conshohocken, and O’Hern helped her on the water a few days a week for the first couple of years. In his entire time since at GA, he has been the faculty liaison between the coaches, the school, the parents, and of course the kids who actually pulled the oars. The spring of 2015 marked his first full season back in a coaching launch in 14 years, and coach O’Hern very much enjoys working directly with the kids and his fellow coaches.

Contact info: Richard.O’Hern@germantownacademy.org

Clement Hsu – Head Varsity Girls Coach

Clement was a swimmer all throughout high school, but before he left for college, his PE teacher/ swim coach told him to try rowing if his school had it. He was told he might be good at it.

Clement Hsu

Clement Hsu

Clement attended Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and did not think about rowing until he decided he wanted to try something new and do something more team-oriented.  He did some research and the statement “No Experience Necessary” stood out to him. Clement contacted the coach and showed up the next day.

At F&M, Clement ended up rowing all four years. His time there was concluded with a great season in the men’s coxed four that ended with a conference championship and extended season due to a Dad Vail appearance.

Clement also spent the summers before and after his senior year of college training with Penn AC. That was where he decided he wanted to see if he could take rowing to the elite level. Due the pursuit of this goal, Clement has trained back home at Hong Kong Sports Institute and most recently, briefly at Vesper Boat Club. It was a lot of hard work but ultimately, after 8 years, a shoulder injury combined with other variables led him to move on from that goal.

Clement’s coaching experiences before GA rowing include F&M rowing for one season and the Whitemarsh Technical Training program this past fall.

This past year, Clement also graduated with his master’s degree in Sports Psychology from Temple University. His goal is to take what he has learned while at Temple, and combined with his own competitive and coaching experiences, give GA girls rowing its best season yet.

Contact info:  clement.hsu@germantownacademy.org