Huzzah, 2018 GA Crew Captains!

pennantsThe captains for the 2018 Germantown Academy Crew Team season are traditionally announced at the Spring Awards.

*drumroll, please!*

Girls’ Team: the 2018 captains will be Rachel Kliger (’18), Julia McKernan (’18), and Elizabeth Wescott (’18).

Boys’ team: the 2018 captains will be Isaac Wilkins (’18), Pedro Sobral (’19) and Derek Walkush (’19).

Wishing all great leadership and mentoring success in the 2018 season!


Cooper Cup Regatta

1564 athletes, 62 clubs for the 2017 Cooper Cup Regatta in Camden, NJ!

Hi everyone,

This weekend we will race in Camden, NJ at the Cooper Cup Regatta.  As Coach Lehane explains, this regatta is a little different from the ones we have raced so far this season.  It’s a 2000 meter course, as opposed to the 1500 meter courses we usually race.  The varsity and lightweight races will have heats and finals, while the JV and novice races will be run as flights.  In the varsity and lightweight events, the top three boats in the finals will receive medals, while the winners of each flight in the JV and novice races will receive medals.  This race is also not organized into girls races all together and boys races all together; everything is mixed up throughout the day.  Here is the schedule:

8:05 Race 13b, Girls V2x heat 2 Lindsay and Mikayla – lane 5 (top 2 to final), 9:33.53, 6th place

8:12 Race 13c, Girls V2x heat 3 Emma and Julia – lane 2 (top 2 to final), 9:43.04, 4th place

8:18 Race 14a, Boys V2x heat 1 Andy and Max D. – lane 2 (top 2 to final), 8:56.33, 5th place

8:24 Race 14b, Boys V2x heat 2 Derek Walkush, Nick Moeller – lane 4 (top 2 to final*), 8:11.40, 2nd place – on to final!

10:06 Race 2a, Boys Lwt 2x heat 1 Pedro Sobral, Decker Wentz – lane 6 (top 2 to final),9:32.56, 4th place

10:54 Race 21b, Girls V4x heat 2 Liz B., Ava, Addy, Mikayla – lane 4 (top 3 to final*), 9:00.42, 3rd place – on to final!

*11:18 Race 14, Boys V2x Final D.Walkush, N.Moeller, 08:05.34, 2nd place: SILVER MEDAL

1:00 Race 9b, Girls N4+ flight 2 Madison, Naomi, Aman, Maddie, Lily – lane 6, 11:41.10, 5th place

2:18 Race 16b, Boys N4x flight 2 Dylan, Max F., Carmen, Daniel – lane 6, 9:19.16, 5th place

*2:54 Race 21, Girls V4x Final E.Berlinger, A.Hook, A.Campbell, M.Fassler, 08:59.09, 5th place

3:48 Race 26b, Boys JV1x flight 2 Isaac Wilkins – lane 6, 09:16.75, 2nd place

4:36 Race 30b, Mens JV 2x Flight 2 D.Walkush, I.Wilkins, 09:01.29, 1st place: GOLD MEDAL

5:24 Race 33b, Girls JV4x flight 2 Sophie Worrell, ChiChi Boye, Lily Richards, Brynne DiDonato – lane 5, 10:58.22, 4th place

Click here for pdf of race results from Rowtown

Remember to check for any changes and leave LOTS of time to get to the race course since it will be the first time for many of you! Keep in mind that if your route to Camden goes through Philly, there may be road closures due to the NFL draft.  Click here for Regatta Central directions.

Our website directions page also includes a map that will give you an idea of the course.

Click here for more Smug Mug photos from GA@the Cooper Cup

Upcoming regattas: Food update

Please note that you are on your own for food this coming weekend.

According to Pete Naber is inviting a few more parents to sign up for the following weekend 4th annual Cook off Competition! We have  5 parents that indicated that they are in. But we have room for more.  Last year we had 9.  

In preparation for Manny 5th Flick

Athletes and parents, please see below information shared by Coach Lehane about schedule and line up:

Race        Line up time
1A 8:30:00 AM Boys N1x (Max Fralic) lane 2
6A 9:00 – Boys N4x (Dylan, Charlie, Carmen, Daniel) lane 3
14B 9:15 – Boys Lwt 2x (Pedro and Decker) lane 3
20A 10:10 – Boys V2x (Nick and Derek) lane 2
9A 12:00 – Boys JV1x (Isaac) time trial – bow # 85
36A 1:10 – Girls JV4x (Liz B., Rachel, Sophie, Ava) time trial – bow # 243
27B 2:30 – Girls N4+ (Madison, Lauren, Maylin, Aman, Lily) – lane 2
33A 3:10 – Girls JV1x (Addy) lane 3
34B 3:25 – Girls JV2x (ChiChi and Brynne) lane 3
44A 4;15 – Girls V2x (Lindsay, Liz W.) lane 3
47B 4:50 – Girls V4x (Emma, Grace, Julia, Mikayla) lane 3
4_Manny Flick #2, Feb 2017

Manny Flick #2, Feb 2017

Click here to download schedule posted above.
Maddie and Naomi will sit out this weekend because there are 7 novice girls, so they can’t all race in the four, and Max D. and Andy will not race.
Remember to check for any changes in the schedule. We’ve still got changeable springtime weather, so please dress appropriately!  Novices, don’t forget your new unis!  Athletes must be at the trailer 2 hours before their races!
Some of you are still missing waivers!!  Please get those done!!