Christening of the R. O’Hern

special event of the GA Crew Team

What a great day to be a Patriot! The Germantown Academy crew program christened the “R. O’Hern,” a boat gifted by several families and named in honor of longtime Upper School Science Teacher and Crew Coach Dick O’Hern.

Coach O’Hern has been involved in GA Crew since the beginning when the team only had two rowers (this year, more than 40 kids are involved in the program)! He worked tirelessly behind the scenes as a faculty advisor and has served as a novice coach for the last few seasons.

We thank the three families who donated a new Vespoli quad to the rowing program for girls use.

Congratulations Coach O’Hern! #PatriotPride

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Flick #5: April 22, 2018

90 teams, 3023 athletes. Girls in the morning; boys in the afternoon.

10:10 AM: Race 20b Girls Varsity 2x Flight 2 (E.Wescott, J.McKernan), 1st Place, 05:48.62

11:10 AM: Race 5a Girls Novice 8+ Flight (S.Hill, T.Humphrey, y.peat, J.Robertson, T.Williams, J.Fassler, p.anand, n.roman, [E.Brant]), 16th Place, 06:21.94

11:40 AM: Race 11a Girls JV 4+ Flight (L.Paynton, A.Gill, N.Friedman, L.Connor, [M.Seidman]), 26th Place, 06:24.57

11:50 AM: Race 12a Girls JV 4x Flight
A (E.Berlinger, M.Horvat, M.Lindsey, A.Campbell), 7th Place, 05:34.52
B (C.Boye, A.Hook, L.Richards, B.DiDonato), 11th Place, 05:53.84

2:00 PM: Race 25a Boys Gig/Novice 1x Flight (W.James), 3rd Place, 07:04.93

2:05 PM: Race 26a Boys Freshman/Novice 2x Flight 1 (A.Moeller, A.Walkush), 1st Place, 06:02.21

2:55 PM: Race 34a Boys JV 2x Flight 1  A (C.Shafer, D.Robertson), 1st Place, 05:30.62

3:00 PM: Race 34b Boys JV 2x Flight 2
B D.Krausz, P.Sobral), 4th Place, 05:44.79
C (C.Sinker, M.Donches), 5th Place, 06:09.13

3:45 PM: Race 43a Boys Varsity 1x Flight 1 (I.Wilkins), 2nd Place, 05:55.21

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Flick #4: April 15, 2018


81 teams, 2734 athletes. Boys in the morning, Girls in the afternoon.


2a 08:36am Boys Freshman/Novice 2x Flight 1 (A.Moeller, A.Walkush) , 1st in their flight (and overall!), 05:45.47

6a 09:36am Boys Novice 4x Flight 1 (D.Carrasco, A.Kostacos, W.James, I.Cummings), 2nd in their flight, 05:47.71

10a 10:22am Boys JV 2x Flight 1 (C.Shafer, D.Robertson), 1st in their flight (and overall!), 05:31.64

10b 10:27am Boys JV 2x Flight 2 (C.Sinker, M.Donches), 4th in their flight, 06:16.54

10c 10:32am Boys JV 2x Flight 3 (D.Krausz, P.Sobral), 2nd in their flight, 05:49.42

19a 12:50pm Boys Varsity 1x Flight 1 (I.Wilkins) , 4th in their flight, 05:54.55

29b 02:42pm Girls Novice 8+ Flight 2 (Y.Peat, F.Davis, J.Robertson, T.Williams, R.Roth, J.Fassler, P. Anand, C.Nguyen, [E.Brant]), 5th in their flight, 06:54.70

33a 03:35pm Girls JV 1x (N.Friedman), 6th

34b 03:45pm Girls JV 2x Flight 2 (L.Paynton, L.Connor), 2nd in their flight, 06:42.20

36a 04:10pm Girls JV 4x Flight 1 (E.Berlinger, M.Horvat, M.Lindsey, A.Campbell), 6th in their flight, 05:34.39

36b 04:15pm Girls JV 4x Flight 2 (C.Boye, A.Hook, L.Richards, B.DiDonato), 6th in their flight, 05:53.27

44a 05:25pm Girls Varsity 2x Flight 1 (E.Wescott, J.McKernan) ,  4th in their flight, 06:05.02