2017 SRAA Nationals

Way to go, Nick Moeller and Derek Walkush!

Watch their semi-final race on Saturday, 5/27 at 9am broadcast live here

Stotesbury Cup Regatta 2017

Stotesbury Cup Regatta logo

Established in 1927, Stotesbury quickly evolved into a full-fledged regatta that endures as the largest high school rowing regatta in the world.

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Woot! Go GA!

FYI: Germantown Academy will be at tent location #40; not the usual black GA tent. [Space #1 located closest to the Gillin Boat Club/City Dock launching area and increase to Space #60+ located at the upriver end of the Stotesbury Village (ie, Finish Line/Grandstand Parking Lot) as one travels downriver and in the direction of traffic within the Kelly Drive Enclosure.] Check out the Spectator’s Guide for shuttle bus map, and information on Athlete’s Village, handicapped parking, and more.

stotes map

From the Stotesbury Cup Regatta website:

Friday & Saturday, May 19 & 20
Head-style time trials for all events will be held on Friday. Semi-finals will run on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Finals will run on Saturday afternoon.

Time trials start at 8 am Friday and go to approximately 3:00 pm.  After an hour break to set stakeboats, semi-finals run until around 6:00 pm Friday.   Semi-finals continue Saturday morning, starting at 8 am.  Finals begin at approximately 1 pm and the last race of the day is at approximately 5:30 on Saturday.

2017 stotes stats

DAY ONE: Friday May 19

8:00am Race #2a Girls Junior Double Heat  27 entries, L.Richards, S. Worrell, 24th place 07:31.29

8:43am Race #4a Boys Junior Double Heat 28 entries, C.Shafer, I.Wilkins 12th place 05:49.41 ON TO SEMI-FINALS

9:26am Race #9a Girls Ltwt Double Heat 22 entries, A.Gill, N.Friedman 22nd place 08:01.30

9:58am Race#10a Boys Ltwt Double Heat 24 entries, M.Fralic, P.Sobral 20th place 06:17.70

10:11am Race #6a Girls Junior Four Heat 72 entries, L.Paynton, M.Lindsey, L.Connor, M.Kurtz, [M.Seidman] 64th place 07:19.34

11:34am Race #13a Boys Junior Quad Heat 27 entries, D.Robertson, M.Donches, C.Sinker, D.Krausz 20th place 05:54.80

11:48am Race #14a Girls Junior Quad Heat 24 entries, B.DiDonato, A.Campbell, C. Boye, A.Hook 14th place 06:14.91

1:11pm Race #19a Girls Senior Double Heat 23 entries, L. Naber, E.Wescott 10th place 06:26.53 ON TO SEMI-FINALS

1:24pm Race #20a Boys Senior Double Heat 27 entries, N.Moeller, D.Walkush 5th place 05:22.44 ON TO SEMI-FINALS

2:02pm Race #23a Girls Senior Quad Heat 19 entries, E.Rapp, J.McKernan, E.Berlinger, M.Fassler 10th place 06:00.41 ON TO SEMI-FINALS

For time trial results for above races, click here.

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For pdf of semi-finals line-up, click here.

5:08pm Race #4S1 Boys Junior Double Semi-Final 1, C.Shafer, I.Wilkins – DNF

DAY TWO: Saturday May 20

Stotes semi 2017 Girls Sr Dbl

9:35am Race #19S2 Girls Senior Double Semi-Final 2, L. Naber, E.Wescott 3rd place 05:48.10 ON TO FINALS!

Boys Senior Double Stotes semi 2017

9:40am Race #20S1 Boys Senior Double Semi-Final 1, N.Moeller, D.Walkush 2nd place 05:07.60 ON TO FINALS!

2017 Stotes Girls Sr Quad

10:15am Race #23S2 Girls Senior Quad Semi-Final 2, E.Rapp, J.McKernan, E.Berlinger, M.Fassler  5th place 05:33.90


3:38pm Race #19 Girls Senior Double FINAL L. Naber, E.Wescott, 6th place, 6:10.650 (Congrats GA!)

3:46pm Race #20 Boys Senior Double FINAL N.Moeller, D.Walkush, 4th place, 5:06.330 (Congrats GA!)

DSC_4828-boys and girls sr doubles advance to finals at stotes-X2

Boys Senior Double (Derek Walkush and Nick Moeller) and Girls Senior Double (Elizabeth Wescott and Lindsay Naber) advanced to finals at the 2017 Stotesbury Cup Regatta, the largest high school regatta in the world.

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Can’t make it in person to cheer? You can watch all the rowing action here at Rowing Live!