Stotesbury Regatta is @ Cooper River

Stotesbury is the world’s largest scholastic regatta. The 92nd Stotesbury Cup Regatta is moving from the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia to the Cooper River in Camden New Jersey. This sudden change in location is due to the rain forecast and impact it will have on the Schuylkill River’s height and cubic feet per second (cfs) flows. This event will be the largest one that the Cooper River has ever run.


All time trials are on Friday

8:00 – Girls Junior 2x (Aman and Naomi) bow #14

            Semi-finals – Friday 4:22, 4:28 or 4:34

            Final – Saturday 1:09

8:44 – Boys Junior 2x (Dylan and Charlie) bow #91

            Semi-finals – Friday 4:58, 5:04, 5:10

            Final – Saturday 1:26

9:41 – Boys Junior 4+ (Daniel, Max D., Anthony, Carmen, Derek cox) bow #223

            Semi-finals – Friday 5:16, 5:22, 5:28

            Final – Saturday 1:34

10:04 – Boys Lightweight 2x (Jamie and Pedro) bow #262

            Semi-finals – Saturday 8:10 or 8:15

            Final – Saturday 2:18

10:16 – Girls Junior 4+ (Brynne, Lily R., Lauren, Ava, Madison cox) bow #305

            Semi-finals – Friday 5:34, 5:40 or 5:46

            Final – Saturday 1:43

11:13 – Girls Junior 8+ (Sydney, Tai, Nicoletta, Christina, Priya, Taj, Rachel, Julia, Ella cox) bow #463

            Semi-finals – Saturday 8:20, 8:25 or 8:30

            Final – Saturday 2:26

11:31 – Boys Junior 4x (Diego, Andreas, Ian, Alex) bow #483

            Semi-finals – Saturday 8:50 or 8:55

            Final – Saturday 2:44

11:44 – Girls Junior 4x (Maylin, Margaret, Elizabeth B., Addy) bow #505

            Semi-finals – Saturday 9:00 or 9:05

            Final – Saturday 2:53

12:59 – Girls Senior 2x (Liz W. and Julia) bow #620

            Semi-finals – Saturday 9:35 or 9:40

            Final – Saturday 3:38

2:03 – Boys Senior 1x (Isaac) bow #776

            Semi-finals – Saturday 10:25, 10:30 or 10:35

            Petite final (finishers 7-12) – Saturday 5:02

            Grand final (top 6 finishers) – Saturday 5:08

2:20 – Girls Senior 1x (Lily C.) bow #803

            Semi-finals – Saturday 10:40, 10:45, 10:50

            Petite final – Saturday 4:48

            Grand final – Saturday 4:54

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Visit links listed below for up-to-date information on schedule changes: 

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Christening of the R. O’Hern

special event of the GA Crew Team

What a great day to be a Patriot! The Germantown Academy crew program christened the “R. O’Hern,” a boat gifted by several families and named in honor of longtime Upper School Science Teacher and Crew Coach Dick O’Hern.

Coach O’Hern has been involved in GA Crew since the beginning when the team only had two rowers (this year, more than 40 kids are involved in the program)! He worked tirelessly behind the scenes as a faculty advisor and has served as a novice coach for the last few seasons.

We thank the three families who donated a new Vespoli quad to the rowing program for girls use.

Congratulations Coach O’Hern! #PatriotPride

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City Championships: Sunday May 6 Results

Congrats GA Rowers for your effort and team work!

Sunday Race Results are:

Boys Freshman 2x (Andreas Moeller and Alex Walkush) – GOLD MEDAL!!

Boys Novice 4x (Diego Carrasco, Anthony Kostacos, Jamie Werther, Ian Cummings) – 4th in final

Boys JV1x (Max Donches) – 4th in final

Boys JV2x (Dylan Roberston and Charlie Shafer) – SILVER MEDAL!!

Girls JV4x (Maylin Lindsey, Margaret Horvat, Elizabeth Berlinger, Addy Campbell) – 5th in final

Boys V1x (Isaac Wilkins) – 5th in final

Girls V2x (Liz Wescott and Julia McKernan) – 4th in final

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City Championships: Sunday, May 6th Schedule

 Great first day at City Championships!  According to Coach Lehane, we will have what might be a school record SEVEN boats (5 boys, 2 girls) racing in finals on Sunday, May 6th!


10:34 – Boys freshman 2x (a.moeller, A.Walkush) – lane 4

11:38 – Boys novice 4x (D.Carrasco, A.Kostacos, W.James, I.Cummings) – lane 5

1:24 – Boys JV1x (M.Donches) – lane 5

1:40 – Boys JV2x (C.Shafer, D.Robertson) – lane 4

2:04 – Girls JV4x (M.Lindsey, M.Horvat, E.Berlinger, A.Campbell) – lane 1

4:06 – Boys V1x (I.Wilkins) – lane 5

4:14 – Girls V2x (E.Wescott, J.McKernan) – lane 1



May 5 Results – City Championships

There are 2,525 athletes and 78 clubs participating in this year’s PSRA City Championships.

Saturday,   05/05/2018

Race Time Bow Rowers Results

Boys Freshman/Novice 2x

12:58 39

Andreas and Alex

 2nd in time trial (on to finals!)

Girls Novice 8+

13:42 117 Ella, Sydney, Yolanda, Faith, Nicoletta, Christina, Rachel, Jordan, Taj  14th in time trial

Boys Novice 4x

14:02 151 Diego, Anthony, Jamie, Ian  4th in time trial (on to finals!)
Girls JV 1x
14:42 211 Lily Connor  11th in time trial
Boys JV 1x
14:50 228


Sinker, C

Donches, M

 10th in time trial

4th in time trial (on to finals!)

Girls JV 2x
15:00 244 Aman and Naomi  16th in time trial
Boys JV 2x
15:00 256


Dylan and Charlie

Daniel and Pedro

 2nd in time trial (on to final!)

11th in time trial

Girls JV 4x
15:36 332


Maylin, Margaret, Elizabeth B., Addy

Lauren, Lily R., Ava, Brynne

 5th in time trial (on to finals!)

9th in time trial


Boys Varsity 1x

16:48 450

Wilkins, Isaac

 4th in time trial (on to finals!)
Girls Varsity 2x
16:56 462 Liz W. and Julia  5th in time trial (on to finals!)

Saturday results