News about Upcoming Practices

As Coaches Lehane and O’Hern will not be at practices this weekend, please note the change in schedule:
Thursday – Everyone at the boathouse (if snow prevents getting there, athletes will be informed if they are to stay at school).

Friday – Novice girls will work out at school from 3:15-4:30 (Mr. O’Hern will give them a workout).
Varsity and novice boys will go to the boathouse and practice with Eric or Clement.

Saturday – Novice girls will practice at the boathouse (at 7:00 am) with Clement or Eric.

Varsity and novice boys will have a workout to do on their own (Coach Lehane will give that to them). They will not meet at a specific time because so many of them will have SAT’s, it will be their responsibility to get the workout done at some point that day.

3/3 Change of practice location

Due to projected river height and strong current, as well as high wind speeds and low temperatures, rowing practice on Saturday 3/3 will be held at GA from 7:30 am to 9:30 am.  Please plan on using the entrance by the gym.  Practice will primarily be in the weight room and on the ergs.

Thursday, March 1st – SWIM TEST

GA poolThe Rowing team can have a lane of the pool at 7:40 a.m. this Thursday March 1st  for the second (and last) time to complete the swim test.  Please be on the pool deck as close to 7:40 a.m. as you are able.  Remember to dress in a long-sleeved top of some sort, as well as long bottoms like lycra running tights/Underarmour pants, etc.

Athletes will tread water for 5 minutes, swim two lengths, and will be done to change into school clothes.  Consider bringing a plastic trash bag to put your wet clothes into for the day!

2/26 Practice begins at the Hines Rowing Center

map Practices at the Hines Rowing Center, 801 Washington Street, begin this coming Monday 2/26 (practice schedules are listed on the GA rowing team calendar on this website).  Transportation there and back via bus from GA is provided.  Expected return to GA is between 6:15 and 6:30 pm each day of practice.

Please note that for weekend practices, transportation is not provided. Directions to the boathouse at 801 Washington Street in Conshohocken are available under the Directions tab.

The best thing you can do for your child is ask him/her to get in the habit of checking the hourly weather in Conshohocken between 3 – 6 pm for a given day so they will know to expect rain, wind, or cold, and thus to pack appropriate clothing!  We rarely cancel practice, and if we are not on the water we will most likely be running outdoors in wind and rain.

2/23 Swim Test

Unless your child swam or played water polo for GA this year, they are required to take a swim test at school.  Please remind them to attend the test, which will be this Friday 2/23 at 3:10 pm in the pool, immediately prior to our last pre-season practice at GA.  Rowers should have received an email suggesting appropriate clothing for the test, and there will be one alternate time early next week for those who are absolutely unable to take the test today.