Spirit Wear!

Please note: Spirit wear is optional! There is no obligation to make any purchase. We don’t profit in any way. It’s solely provided for the purpose of team spirit, as a sporty sweatshirt choice to wear over a GA Gear polo, and as an option for work out gear (since options will include wicking tech fabrics that are preferable to cotton for staying warm and dry).

Ideal layering includes a performance fabric that wicks sweat away from the skin, a fleece over that, and a waterproof/windproof layer over that. As you warm up, you can take layers off. For a guide to gear, just click here.

ORDERS CLOSED! Click here to make an online order from the Kelly Sports site. Orders must be completed by Wednesday, March 15th (new date). Please note that pricing appears when you add an item to the shopping cart. If minimums on a given item are not met, item will not be ordered.
Be patient after placing your order as item delivery may take up to 4 weeks. If you have any questions, email: info@kellyssports.com or call the GA School Store at (267) 405-7280. Go patriots!

ORDERS CLOSED! If you have not received detailed information and photos for these items, please contact ______, asap, as she would like to complete order by Monday, March 13th.

The first item is a Patagonia Lightweight Snap T Fleece. It will be in black with a red GA Crew Logo. The cost of the pullover with monogram is $70.00. Please be sure to provide monogram information on your order form.

We are also offering the Boathouse Stevenson Jacket that many of the Crew Team members ordered last year. It is a fabulous waterproof, windproof Gore Tex jacket with a hood. It is a favorite among rowers! The cost of the jacket is $200.00.

Did we mention? Spirit Wear is optional! No obligation to purchase!